This is where it all began.  A passion for diving and the desire to share my experiences.  You can help support the production of new films by purchaisng any of the watercolour artworks that are displayed below.  Please contact me to find out how.

Thank you again Allan, Tim & Yvonne - see you all next year


Shell study in watercolour by Jenny Geldart

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 2.28.59 pm

A Willy's Jeep - a very common sight in the cargo hold on the SS President Coolidge


Dan and I after another great dive at the site of the wreck of the SS President Coolidge


Shell study in watercolour pencil by Jenny Geldart


Don't touch the Eel - they will bite your fingers and they won't let go


Shell study in watercolour pencil by Jenny Geldart


Shark photo by Dan Geldart


Another great shark photo by Dan Geldart


Limpet shell study in watercolour pencil by Jenny Geldart


3 Shell study in watercolour pencil by Jenny Geldart


Wave study watercolour with gold and silver leaf by Jenny Geldart


Shark photo by Dan Geldart


Shell study in watercolour colour pencil

SCUBABuglerJen 2.JPG

Gas masks are found all over the wreck - a perfect opportunity for a quick photo of yourself wearing a real gas mask from WWII


Octopus on rock by Jenny Geldart


My Bugle - used during the Battle of Kokoda, pretty glad to get my hands on it. This is the bugle I play each year when I visit Santo for the ANZAC Dawn Service.

Shell 1.JPG

These freshwater shells are common in the rivers in Vanuatu


Shark photo by Dan Geldart


I just look totally weird here!!

Pif with Tusks.JPG

Everywhere you go in Vanuatu you see the symbol of the pig. Pigs have been celebrated in Vanuatu for many years. The people take great pride in their pigs and the feast that they will one day host. Locally carved, taking one of these home is a good way to support the local communities.

Blue Holen1.JPG

The Blue Holes in Vanuatu are so enticing - you just want to jump in for a swim - don't forget to take your mask and snorkel with you on this trip. And if you really need to dive to the bottom - take your weight belt:)


Shark photo by Dan Geldart