Film Projects




So far, 7 parts have been produced for my 'Diver's Guide' series of the SS President Coolidge.  A subject I just can't get enough of, so each year I try add to my collection of video footage to keep producing my series, while keeping you engaged with the interesting history of this wreck and it's local area.

The SS President Coolidge
Fish ID Footage



I've always enjoyed all aspects of our natural world. Our oceans and it's inhabitants are now of more interest to me than ever before.  I began submitting video to the Australian Museum a few years ago and continue to send stuff to them for identification purposes.

The Hungry Biker



In recent times Dan & I have been working on a project that involves cooking, riding, diving, cooking, riding...and whatever else we come up with at the time.  We've put an episode together and we'll see what comes next.

My Local Diving In Batemans Bay



Batemans Bay provides for my local diving on weekends.  Lets face it, travel is very expensive, not that there is a shortage of places to visit for more diving videos but my day job doesn't really allow me to get away too many times through the year.  In any case Batemans Bay and the surrounding costal region boasts someof the most beautiful temperate diving to be had.  
Through the months of June to Oct a dry suit can come in handy, the water temperature can get down to 12 degrees and you can feel pretty uncomfortable in a wetsuit after not too long under those conditions.  During the months of March through to the end of May some of the most delightful diving sites allow you to gear up for a dive.  We have our own dive boat now,  so as long as we have a GPS marking we can put up the dive flag and jump in.  This is a collection of some of the dives we have done in the local Batemans Bay and surrounding area over the years.