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Beqa Lagoon - Fiji

In 2016 Dan and I made our first trip to Fiji to dive with the bull sharks of Beqa Lagoon. On arrival we settled into our room and turned on the TV to learn that David Bowie had just died. We commemorated his life by listening to his music while drinking nearly all of our Duty Free supply of vodka.

The next morning, a little under the weather, we set off for our first dive where we were not supposed to see any sharks yet. What we did see was one of the largest bull sharks in the area, so you can imagine how excited we quickly became.

The following days were filled with the thrill of seeing a mix of at least 40 or so bull sharks, lemon sharks and nurse sharks on each dive, but alas no tiger sharks were to be seen.

I was told that video lights could not be used during the feeding dives, this is where my challenges in the editing studio began. So after 19 months of frustration I managed to pull this video together with the help of some plug ins and some very funky transitions from a really cool guy named Ryan Nangle. I hope you enjoy.

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