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Live Music Projects

GODZILLA Eats Las Vegas

I always love a challenge and a new project. With my involvement in the Canberra City Band I not only get to play with some very talented musicians but in 2016 I had an opportunity to try something new. My project was to produce a short video piece as accompaniment to Eric Whitacres GODZILLA Eats Las Vegas. I recorded and filmed the project performed by the Canberra City Band and the Strange Weather Gospel Choir, at the Tim Murray Theatre, Canberra. I also created the poster to the left, which was challenging and fun to design.


I hope you enjoy.


Audio with Slide Presentation
Audio with Live Stage Show
Instruments by ORPHEU5

A project driven by the confines from COVID isolation, this film is the result of a discarded piano and the need to create music in a post apocalyptic environment.

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